Don’t roast yourself at work, remember to drink and take a break

Heat puts a strain on your body and adversely affects your health, which can cause things like heat stroke, fainting, or heart failure.

Remember to drink, eat and take breaks when working in hot conditions.

It is the employer’s responsibility to take technical measures to ensure that the temperature in the workplace remains below 28 °C when the outdoor temperature is below 25 °C.

If the temperature at the workplace exceeds 28 °C, the work must be reduced by limiting the amount of time workers are exposed to heat:

– If the workstation’s temperature is above 28 °C → 10-minute break per hour
– If the workstation’s temperature is above 33 °C → 15-minute break per hour

In addition, very hot workstations should have a fast work cycle from one workstation to another. Please ask the occupational health and safety representative at your workplace for more information.

Workplace temperatures are monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Regional State Administrative Agency.