Join the union

Are you interested in your terms of employment and working conditions?

Great! That’s just what membership of a trade union is about.

As a union member you will improve the conditions you work in, as well as your pay and the terms of your employment. SEL and the union’s representatives work to ensure that you can work in a safe and healthy working environment on fair working terms. And if something bad happens, you’ll receive help when you need it.

SEL’s membership fee is 1.4% and it includes also the membership fee of the unemployment fund.

Watch a video: Do you work in the food industry? SEL is your union!
Look after yourself and your colleagues! This brochure tells you about the benefits of being a member of SEL. (PDF)
SEL or YTK? Compare which one is worth joining. (PDF)
Enroll a new member and receive a €20 gift card! (PDF)
Check that your wages have been paid correctly! (PDF)
Guide to unemployment fund benefits 2022 (PDF)
Food industry workers’ wages will rise 1.9% due to a general wage increase on 1 May 2022 (PDF)

I will join the union

Information about employment relation

In case you pay your membership fee yourself you will automatically receive the bank transfer blankets from the union.

The amount of the membersip fee is confirmed yearly. A member pays the membership fee either himself, or the employer collects it from the salary and forwards the fee to the union, or the unemployment fund collects it from benefits.