Protection against dismissal must not be undermined

Why do we object to the proposal of Sipilä’s Government to undermine employee’s protection against dismissal at companies with fewer than 10 employees?

● The proposal would enable dismissal for practically any reason whatsoever, and employees would be on an ongoing ‘trial period’ and live in uncertainty

● Employees would not dare to join unions anymore, elect a shop steward or point out deficiencies in occupational safety or compliance with terms of employment, for instance, to the employer

● The threshold for demanding equal pay for the same work or reporting going on family live would be higher

● Discrimination on the basis of, e.g., gender, age, illness, sexual orientation or trade union membership would increase

● Employees at companies of different sizes would be in an unequal position

● Contrary to the Government’s claims, the proposal would not improve employment; the effects are ‘fairly close to zero’ according to research institutions

● Dismissal is followed by two-month waiting period; it is unreasonable that an employee would lose both the job and unemployment security

● Current legislation already provides sufficient possibilities for dismissing an employee for a proper and weighty reason attributable to the individual

● Of companies in the food industry, 76% are workplaces with fewer than 10 employees

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