How to apply for earnings-related allowance, if you are temporarily laid off

Remember to register as a jobseeker in TE Office no later than on the first day your layoff starts. You can do the registration online via e-Services In some cases, you need to first contact with TE Office to get online feature.

Follow the instructions given by TE Office. Keep your job search valid as instructed by the TE Office.

After you have been temporarily laid off, send your first application after two whole weeks (Monday to Sunday) and attach at least following documents to the fund via eService (eAsiointi) at

  • Layoff notice
  • Pay certificate for the 26 working weeks before you were temporarily laid off
  • If you have business activities, please send us a copy of the latest tax decision
  • If you receive some other benefit, please send the decision on simultaneous pension or other benefit and the last notification of the amount of the benefit in year 2020

If your employer pays you holiday pay, weekday public holiday compensation or other compensations, or you are on unpaid leave in exchange for working longer hours during your lay-off, please notify us in your application about the fact that you have received such compensations. Please send us also a pay slip which states that you have received compensation or holiday pay.

If you have any questions, you can call us to number 09 4246 1200. You can also send a message to unemployment fund via eService (eAsiointi).