Food industry workers’ wages will rise 1.2% due to a general wage increase on 1 March 2020

SEL and Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation ETL have agreed on general wage increases for 2020 in line with food industry collective agreements. The wages and salaries of all food industry workers will be increased by 1.2% by means of a general increase on 1 March 2020, or at the beginning of the pay period starting thereafter.

In conjunction with the payment of wages in March, a separate reimbursement of €35 will be paid to employees working full-time who were employed for the entire month of February. The reimbursement will be paid to part-time workers in relation to their full working hours. If the employment relationship only lasted for part of February, the reimbursement will be paid in relation to an employment relationship that lasted for the entire month.

SEL’s and ETL’s collective agreements state that food industry workers’ wages will rise on 1 February 2020 or at the beginning of the pay period starting closely thereafter. The size of the wage increase is determined on the basis of a commonly agreed calculation model, which is based on wage increases in comparative sectors. Comparative collective agreements include the technology industries’ collective agreement, the collective agreement for the basic chemical industry, and the collective agreement for the mechanical forestry industry. As no wage solutions had been found by the deadline of 31 December 2019, SEL and ETL agreed to extend the deadline. Only the technology industries’ collective agreement had been made by the new deadline.

Food industry workers’ collective agreements are valid until 31 January 2021.

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