Check your information using eService and win a €500 holiday gift card

Are your personal contact information updated in the SEL members’ register? Check your contact information via eService at All users who log in to eService and check their information between 17 June – 30 September 2020 will be entered into a prize draw to win a €500 holiday gift card.

eService can be used to

– Update your contact information, check your telephone number and e-mail address and add your account number
– Check your workplace information, register a new workplace or the end of an employment relationship
– Notify SEL of an exemption from membership fees; that is, for a period during which time you are not paid a salary such as family leave, conscription or study
– Calculate your membership fee and obtain a reference number for payment if your employer does not withhold your membership fee directly from your salary
– Order a SEL calendar – orders for the year’s 2021 calendar must be placed by 30 September 2020 and the order will be valid until further notice unless cancelled it

If you are unemployed or have been laid off, you can

– Apply for earnings-related allowance
– Check your application and payment details
– See issued decisions and payment notifications
– Check the earnings-related allowance maximum payment period calculator

If you are not able to use our eService, you can check your contact information by calling the union on 09 4246 1200.