Collective agreement negotiations are coming! Are you ready?

Food industry workers’ collective agreements are valid until 31 January 2023.

Your collective agreement is negotiated by SEL, which represents employees, and ETL, which represents employers.

The collective agreement defines minimum wages and other terms of employment, such as working hours, paid holidays and sick leaves and holiday bonuses. Better wages and other working conditions than the collective agreement can be agreed locally at the workplace, but not worse.

Collective agreement negotiations are coming! Are you ready?

  1. Join the trade union if you are not already a member of SEL. Make sure that all your workmates also belong to the union.
  2. Check that your workplace and contact information are correctly entered into SEL’s member register and add your bank account number to your membership information in order to get the strike pay at
  3. Talk with your coworkers about the most important things in the collective agreement.
  4. Follow the announcements from your shop steward and SEL.

Only as a member of SEL are you a part of defending and improving the terms of employment and working conditions in the food industry. It’s good for everyone to be in the union!

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