Finnish Food Workers' Union SEL, Asemamiehenkatu 2, 8. krs, 00520 Helsinki, Tel. 020 774 004, Fax 020 774 0604, Email:

Finnish Food Workers’ Union SEL

The Finnish Food Workers' Union SEL is a trade union for people working in the food industry.  Work done by SEL members includes preparing, packing and storing food goods and maintenance and repair work.  Union membership is the best way to keep yourself protected in working life and in case of unemployment.  Membership of SEL is a good way to protect yourself and your colleagues.

SEL negotiates national collective labour agreements with industry unions. These agreements define minimum levels of wage and other employment terms such as working time, overtime compensation, holidays, holiday bonus and sick pay for food industry employees. At the local level it's then possible to agree on terms that are better than the collective agreement, but not worse.

The union has 34 000 members, with about 22 000 at work age. Read more