Active model of unemployment security


The active model means that in the future, getting a full unemployment benefit will require work, entrepreneurship, or participation in a service or measure promoting employment.

Juha Sipilä's government decided to adopt the active model despite opposition from the trade union movement and the political opposition. Finnish Food Workers' Union SEL has opposed the active model from the beginning and we work together with SAK and other trade unions to abolish the active model and to oppose the additional requirements set by the government.

Activity tracking

Activity tracking began on 1 January 2018. The unemployment fund monitors your activity in periods of 65 days. This means that the first possible review time is 1 April 2018. The review period is determined individually, and your first review period will begin when you start receiving earnings-related allowance payments.

The Finnish Food Workers' Unemployment Fund pays your unemployment benefit and monitors your activity. When you apply for earnings-related allowances in the future, please report to the unemployment fund if you have been active in the manners specified by the active model.

It is easy to fill the allowance application electronically at the unemployment fund’s eAsiointi service at Using eAsiointi also speeds up the processing of applications.

When is the activity criteria met?

The criteria for the activity requirement are met if, during a review period of 65 payment days, a person:

- Is employed for a total of one employment requirement week of 18 hours, and earns the rate stipulated by the collective agreement or are at least € 6.91 per hour

- Earns at least € 241.04 from a business activity to fulfil the entrepreneur’s employment condition

- Has participated for five (5) days in employment promotion measures

- Has participated for five (5) days in other services or activities organised by employment authority to improve their employability, or

- Has participated for five (5) days in activities organised to support recruitment, either at a workplace or in connection with employment, provided unemployment benefit is paid for these days

How does the active model influence the amount of unemployment benefit payable?

Your unemployment benefit will not be cut if you are active in any of the ways mentioned above.

If you do not fulfil the activity requirement during the review period, your unemployment benefit will be cut by 4.65% for the next 65 payment days. That corresponds to one day without benefits per month.

If you fulfil the activity requirement, your full unemployment benefit will be restored at the beginning of the next review period. If you do not fulfil the activity requirement, the unemployment benefit payment will continue to be cut during the following period.

There are no additional reductions; instead, the unemployment benefit will continue to be cut by 4.65% of the full amount.

When is no activity required?

The active model does not apply to all recipients of unemployment benefit. You will not be required to demonstrate the activity shown in this letter if

- You have applied for disability pension and have not yet received a decision

- You are a family carer or private care provider

- You receive social security benefits granted because of sickness or disability (e.g. partial disability pension, partial rehabilitation allowance or disability allowance)

- You get unemployment benefits due to a temporary layoff or shortened working week lasting less than 65 days.

More information

If you do not have any questions, there is no need to contact your union or unemployment fund. It is sufficient that you will report your activity to the unemployment fund when you claim for your earnings-related allowance.

If you have any questions, you can call the unemployment fund’s service number 09 4246 1200, which is open from Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 to 15.30.

Read more on the active model and why SEL opposes it in Finnish:

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